Pump and Wells

Irrigation concepts has two pump rigs to meet a variety of needs: A 6 ton Hydrocrane for boosters and tail pumps and a 30 ton R-12 Sneal rig for deep wells.

Services include:

  • Pull & Clean
  • Bowl & column repair
  • Well Repair, scratch, Swab, Video
  • Testing & records
  • New pumps & Motors


We have two electricians to help you with any of your electrical needs.

Services include:

  • Service calls
  • New Service Installation
  • Repairs/ upgrades
  • VFD Install
  • Incentive Program application
  • Permitting

Machine Shop

Full Service Machine shop facility for all your needs:

Services include:

  • Swing lathe- Shafts & bushings
  • Milling Machine- Shafts & keyways
  • Large Capacity Press
    -Pressing Bushings
    -Straightening Shanks
  • 12” Capacity Metal Saw
  • Onsite Portable Welding
    -Pump Discharge Repair
    -Farm Implement Repair
  • In House Welding/Fabrication
    -Pipe Trenching